The death of a pet can be very difficult.  Please know there are resources available to help you deal with the loss.


Grief Support


Hospice Care

Euthanasia in the home allows decreased stress for your pet and privacy for your family.

Hospice care is aimed at providing quality of life during the last days, weeks or months of your pet's life. 



Harmony Pet Hospice Services

Harmony Pet Hospice, PLLC was established to provide Mid-Michigan area pets and their families with the comfort and support they need to navigate their end of life journey.  We provide in-home hospice consultation and care, palliative care, in-home euthanasia and aftercare by a licensed veterinarian.  Let me help guide you in providing your pet with a peaceful and comfortable end of life. 

Providing compassionate in-home end of life care for pets in the

Mid-michigan area.

Whether you choose to bury your pet at home or arrange cremation services, I am here to help you through the process.