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Hospice Care

​​​​​​Pet Hospice is a newer and growing concept in the field of veterinary medicine.  Hospice is typically indicated when a pet receives a terminal diagnosis, and the family does not wish to pursue aggressive or curative therapies.  Much like its' human counterpart, veterinary hospice's main goal is to provide comfort, not a cure, for your pet during his or her last days, weeks, or months of life.  With this goal in mind, I use current pain management therapies and palliative care measures to keep your pet comfortable.   At the same time I aim to provide your family with the education, guidance, and support needed to navigate your pet's end of life experience.  

My approach to the Hospice Consult starts with obtaining and reviewing records from your pet's primary veterinarian, and/or any specialists involved in your pet's care.  Once your pet's past medical history has been reviewed, you can anticipate a 1 1/2 to 2 hour initial in-home Hospice Consult.  During this visit, I will observe your pet in the home, look for challenges in the environment, and perform a physical exam on your pet.  The initial visit will also include a review of your family's previous experience with pet loss, current questions or concerns and goals for care.  Upon completion, I will compose a customized care plan which will be forwarded to your family and primary veterinarian.  Follow up visits will be scheduled based on your pet's needs and goals.  

Families seek veterinary hospice care for many different reasons.  Some do it as a way of saying "thank you" to their companion for many years of love, protection, and companionship.  Others are looking for guidance and support during their pet's end of life journey.  No matter the reason, hospice is best initiated early before a crisis occurs.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to accompany you and your pet, through this end of life journey!

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