The Euthanasia Visit

People often wonder how they will know when it is time to say goodbye to their dear companion. Some changes in your companion may include: change or decline in appetite and water intake, loss of interest in playing or interacting with family, becoming confused, unable to stand on their own, loss of bladder or bowel control and having fewer good days than bad days. 

When you feel it is time to say goodbye, it is often easier in the familiarity and comfort of your own home.  Here the pet can rest in his or her favorite bed or under his or her favorite tree.  Being at home also gives the family more freedom to memorialize their pet and grieve openly, in their own time. 

I provide in-home euthanasia as a conclusion to in-home hospice care or as a separate service.

Please call to discuss options for home euthanasia and aftercare services. Home euthanasia includes: an in-home visit, travel within 20 miles (mileage fee for more that 20 miles), sedation, the euthanasia procedure, grief and pet loss information and notification of your primary veterinarian of your pet's passing.  If aftercare is desired, arrangements can be made for transport of remains and cremation services.

Providing compassionate in-home end of life care for pets in the

Mid-michigan area.

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